THOSE OLD RECORDS - LIVE GIGS - work in progress


1. Peter Parker's Rock N Roll Club - September 2012. - Filmed by Steve Yates

This was the first gig that we ever held in the old shop at Brewery Street. Lenny, the bass player was an on line customer and he sent me their first single on Feed That Baby Records. That was one of Justin Barwick's labels coming out of Innsbruck, Austria. They were heading up to play a little festival in Cheshire and Lenny suggested that they play a short gig in the shop. I agreed but was very nervous about the whole thing. They played their set and blew the place apart with people dancing in the aisles. Steve Yates recorded this on my camera (before smart phones) and it still resonates. After the gig I asked Peter what he planned to do with this music and one thing lead to another and TOR Records was formed. I didn't have a clue what I was doing but we eventually released "Straight To Vinyl" which is still the best selling record on the label. The red vinyl first pressing sold out very quickly especially in Germany where it was championed by Wolfgang Doebeling of Rolling Stone magazine and Radioeins, Berlin.

George and Aiden - Filmed by Douglas Armour



2. Richard Riley - March 2016 - Filmed by Douglas Armour

I have great memories of this gig as we had "Jazz Goes Mod" the previous night in Lichfield and Richard did the sound on that. He manages to cut a finger with a knife the following morning so he was in some considerable pain throughout then gig. A great show to support the relaunch of "Not If But When" which I belive to be a masterpiece.



Second Beginning - Their first live gig - Filmed by Douglas Armour



Peter Parker's Rock N Roll Club - Live - Filmed by Douglas Armour



Second Referendum - October 2018 featuring Sienna, Dwane Reads, Richard and Peter Parker (solo)

This was  great afternoon and was filmed by Russell Cherrington and his team. Excellent performances all round. The seconf referendum never got mentioned by the way.



Those Old Records - A Life In The Day - filmed by Russell Cherrington