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They (well Google anyway) say that free form text is the way to get its search engines interested. I can understand that as there is too much structured formulaic outpourings on the web in general. So, this speel is directed at Google in the hope that this free form text will awaken it to the many pleasures of buying and selling records. You see the trick is to drop your key words directly into the free form text so that it appear to be a random row of words from the author. It is but with the underlying purpose of attracting the Google eye on the business. Those Old Records, silly name really has been around for about twelve years now and works out of Rugeley, the land that time and many Conservative governments have forgotten.  There isn't much in Rugeley, Amazon employs people bussed in from Walsall and beyond and it hides (as well is should) behind ever growing trees. Soon it will be invisible like the people who work in there, the willing slaves of modern society. Meanwhile the owners gloat of their wealth and their tax avoidance is supprted by a government lacking in morals at all.

Enough of that, this free form speel is here to attract you to the joys of selling your vinyl record collection to Those Old Records, Rugeley.  We at Those Old Records (I say we but it is actually me) travel up  and down this fair land buying records, old records, buying rare Classical records and modern Indie records to boot. I would say that I like quirky record collections, the odder the better really. So, if you have an unusual vinyl record collection and you are wondering what to do with it - give Those Old Records a call. We don't bite, in fact we are extremely polite and can say "please" and  "thank you" in the one sentence. We won't promise you buckets of cash, however we will take an objective look at the collection and explain what you have in some detail. The value of records varies enormously, please don't listen to the know all down the local pub (assuming you have one and that we are allowed in to one these days) - lots of records have little value especially if they have been in the charts, ie top 50. The more copies a record has sold, the less valuable it is.

What kind of vinyl records are you looking for I hear you say? Well, this is a long response but it can be summarised. I always say that the more interesting the person, the more interesting his/her record collection will be. That's a sweeping statement but if you got so far as to read this then you are probaby the sort of person who has had a life and a decent taste in music. You see not everyone reads the detail, most peope search on Google and pick any old business because it is top of the list, a lost of businesses pay big money to be top of the list. We don't follow the totally predictable rope a dope mantra of "we want Prog, Psych,Ska, Soul, pre 1968, blah blah blah etc". Hell, there was life before and after Prog and there was far better Reggae released in the 70's than any time before.  So, the records that I look for are right across the board in terms of musical genres. It's fair to say that Pop (top 50), Easy Listening and some Country is extremely hard to sell but you never know, I love Hank Williams, Dwight Yoakam but fall to sleep if I listen to Jim Reeves.

The record collections that I really like are the ones where there is a good story attached, maybe you have been a musician, a teacher, owned a record label or just collected like fury.  I've spent hours in people's living room talking music, bands, concerts and much more. I've heard life stories, shared some sadness and rejoiced with them in good news that they have received. I keep in touch with some customers years after buying their collection, that is special and import for them to know that the collections has moved on to good hands (and ears). So Google, I'm not going to pay you good money to do what I know you are capable of doing for nothing. Look upon this digital servant and place him higher in your search ranking for you be the know it to the right thing to do and dera reader, if you are selling your vinyl record collection anywhere in the UK, call Chris McGranaghan on 07795 548242. Thank you.

Here's a nice little video made by my good friend Russell Cherrington about the shop and myself - enjoy.




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